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It has been a year since that tragic day.
However, for residents of the disaster stricken areas, the hardships of "That tragic day" continue into the present.

We believe the source of power to overcome their grief, anxieties about home and work, and to live on to a better tomorrow
will grow out the bonds of communication that form among residents living together in temporary housing complexes.
JILCA, through our organized activities of massage therapy, cafe, and accessories making,
works to entice residents out of their temporary housing units

For grief care. And at the same time
Helps with community formation in temporary housing complexes

Also, from our accessories making activities, we aim to
Develop a sustainable source of income for the elderly survivors

On the other hand, by helping with clean-up activities in areas where
reconstruction work had been hampered by the nuclear power plant crisis, we hope to
Assist in the early restoration of a vibrant living environment

We will work steadfastly and do all we can until that day when all temporary housing complexes have been discontinued.

Financial support and donations are welcomed. Please see the following pages for more information.
Support and Donation

Thank you.